I went to Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival a couple of weeks ago and had a ton of fun shooting the workers and guests. I love catching people in that moment between minding their own business then realizing they are being photographed. It’s like a moment where they are being most natural before unconsciously smiling or posing.


I took this photo in Dallas while out walking with James Brandon and Scott Jarvie, while he was in town. I had never been to this part of Dallas before and it was really cool. It didn’t hurt that it had just stopped raining and there were low clouds clipping the tops of the buildings.


Walking around Dallas with +James Brandon and +Scott Jarvie the other night was a ton of fun. I had never been to this sculpture in downtown before and it was quite impressive. There is a Dallas photowalk coming up on the 26th. It begins at the Dallas Farmers Market and goes all over the place, but I’m not sure what …