This is one of my favorite shots from Burning Man 2013. It was the year that Trey Ratcliff and I brought our families and were next door neighbors in Kidsville. Late one night we dressed my son Seth in this crazy alien costume that I had prepared. Needless to say, many burners were extremely tripped out by his appearance. Or maybe it was the drugs. He got many responses, from fear to being hugged and loved on, but everyone wanted photos. I took this one outside of the Man Base which was shaped like a giant UFO.

Hello, hello? It’s sometimes kind of weird writing these posts not knowing if anyone is reading them. I know my wife or kid doesn’t read it. Nor do my parents or best friends. I guess I think of it as an online diary of sorts. I’m not going to confess any deep dark secrets, but I suppose it is a place I can get some thoughts on ‘paper’. I have a lot of unconventional beliefs that stray away from the norm. Maybe sharing some of those will spark some type of conversation here. Here, I’ll start with this one: Our children our not our own. Parents are simply vehicles for souls to be brought (back) into these human ‘suits’ to have an(other) earth experience. Do you agree, or no?

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