This was the perfect night for photography at Burning Man. It was Saturday, and everything was happening in full force. We had burned “the Man” earlier in the night and everyone was in a festive mood. There was no wind, so the D700 was coming out to play for the night.

These two mutant vehicles were preparing for a night out on the playa. They were making last minute adjustments and checking their fire when I got this shot. I fired off 9 brackets from this position in order to have several sequences to merge. People were walking by and the vehicles would alternate fire, but never together. So this shot is merged in Photoshop, combining the best of several photos.

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  1. Hi Cliff!
    We met at the temple just before it burned, hope you didn’t get hit by one of the falling debris since I lost you out of sight 😉
    Nice work, especially with the guy on the side. Looks like lots of post processing work putting all that together.
    Looking forward to more shots!

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