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October 21st, 2014, posted in 2014, New Mexico

Don’t you just love blue hour? I think it may be my favorite time for photography. If you prepared right, you brought a flashlight, some water and a Clif bar for the walk back to your car. It’s not a bad idea to keep peeking back over your shoulder to see if more compositions present themselves.


June 3rd, 2012, posted in 2011, HDR, New Mexico

Can you believe they made me work today? You mean I can’t just sit around an make pretty pictures all the time? Well, I’m taking the time to make at least one, and here it is: A wonderful s curve in New Mexico. I love driving the curvy mountain roads for sure!


February 19th, 2012, posted in HDR, New Mexico

Life in New Mexico is much different than here in the concrete jungle that is the DFW metroplex. It seems like every natural space here is under construction, or for sale to soon be. It really upsets me that it is that way. I’m longing for a simpler life and hopefully one day I can achieve the dream of having a farm and living away from the city in a much more natural environment.