The Natural Cave

Down at the bottom of this photo is the entrance of the natural cave. It was so peaceful inside there that I just wanted to stay forever. The water was so cool and would gently roll in and out. The colors were amazing, too, accentuated by the moisture.


This is another one from beautiful Yosemite in California. I took this on the way up to a scenic overlook. Originally I had meant to just pass through Yosemite, but with all the perfect landscapes laid out before me, I couldn’t help but stop at several locations like this one. I parked the car and got out my tripod and …

The Peacock

This photo is a single exposure HDR. I took it during a painting workshop in San Luis Obispo. The market in which we were painting not only had all these beautiful fruits and vegetables, but also around the perimeter of the property were all these unique animals for the kids to enjoy.