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September 29th, 2012, posted in 2012, California

From a rainy night along the California coast.


May 8th, 2012, posted in 2012, California, HDR

Here’s one from my trip to Death Valley last fall. By the name I assumed it would be uninhabitable desert, but there was tons of wildlife and vegetation everywhere.

Here’s one from my trip to Death Valley with the G+ Guys in 2011. By the name I assumed it would be uninhabitable desert, but there was tons of wildlife and vegetation everywhere. That's not a texture in the background, it's a mountain. It kind of looks like crazy clouds.


May 4th, 2012, posted in 2012, California, HDR

I’ve just been catching up after being away from home for so long. There were lots of Justin Boots waiting to be photographed when I got back.
When I was in California, I stayed with this cool cat named Sly Vegas and his lady +Charli Blake. I had met him in Death Valley and we hit it off bigtime. He’s a killer new photographer that I know will go far. Anyway, he took me around San Francisco to take photos and we came across this scene. It was the perfect situation to try out my new 16mm fisheye lens.


May 4th, 2012, posted in 2012, California

I shot this while on Trey Ratcliff’s ( photowalk in Monterey, California. I buddied up with Karen Hutton during the walk and had a great time getting to know her. The walk ended at the Monterey Conference Center where Trey was speaking in a couple of days at the EG Conference. He got Karen and I passes which would normally cost $4000. Wow! I was supposed to head out right away to San Francisco to meet up with Sly Vegas, but had to put it off for another day to enjoy the conference more.


April 22nd, 2012, posted in California, HDR

On the first night of my trip to California, my friend, Jason Mayr, took me to Shell Beach, which is always a great place for photo opportunities. There are several close rock formations that really create a dramatic scene.

The Natural Cave

July 7th, 2011, posted in Blog, California, HDR, Textured

Down at the bottom of this photo is the entrance of the natural cave. It was so peaceful inside there that I just wanted to stay forever. The water was so cool and would gently roll in and out. The colors were amazing, too, accentuated by the moisture.


July 19th, 2010, posted in Blog, California, HDR, Textured

This is another one from beautiful Yosemite in California. I took this on the way up to a scenic overlook. Originally I had meant to just pass through Yosemite, but with all the perfect landscapes laid out before me, I couldn’t help but stop at several locations like this one.

I parked the car and got out my tripod and Nikon D700. I also use an external shutter release that I use to help eliminate any camera shake. I squished through the tundra and got right next to this fallen tree. I kept the tripod nice and low and arranged the composition. I then fired off 5 bracketed shots at 1 Exposure Value increments, so I wound up with the base shot, 2 shots over exposed and 2 shots under exposed at different levels. This way I’m guaranteed to capture the full range of light that was there on the scene.

When I got home and ready to process this one. I opened up Bridge and dragged them straight onto the Photomatix icon in my toolbar. I played with the sliders in Photomatix until I achieved the desired result and hit process. Then the image opens up in Photoshop. I adjusted the contrast and colors a little, then decided on a square crop since the left side was kind of boring. After a little dodging and burning, I thought the image could use a some texture since it was still lacking in interest in my opinion. I pulled up a texture from the ones I’ve been collecting and set it to “overlay” with some transparency.

Here’s the texture if you want to try it on your photos!

The Peacock

July 17th, 2010, posted in Blog, California, HDR

This photo is a single exposure HDR. I took it during a painting workshop in San Luis Obispo. The market in which we were painting not only had all these beautiful fruits and vegetables, but also around the perimeter of the property were all these unique animals for the kids to enjoy.