This witch was intensely shopping for a new wand when I stopped and asked to get her photo. She happily agreed so I rearranged her a little to get this type of shot. When the sun is low in the sky, you position your subject right in front of it. Then you simply reposition yourself to make the sun barely …


I took this photo on my first trip to Death Valley in 2011. When I went back earlier in 2014, things seemed so different. Huge rocks were just missing. I looked and looked for this rock again but could not find it. This thing had to be at least 300 pounds. Surely no one would have taken it or moved …


I couldn’t help it. I just had to bolt down to The Texas Renaissance Festival this past Saturday. It was so crowded, but I got lots of new photos to share! I’ll be there the weekend after Thanksgiving if anyone want to join me. I’ll be strolling the grounds, taking photos and filling my belly full of mead.


What is the most lost you’ve ever been? A this point, James and I were a couple of miles away from the RV, but I had always kept my bearings. We had gone through a couple of fences to get here, but I think it was worth it once we began taking photos.


I stepped out of the comfort of the warm RV into the frozen night. I could hear the crunching of the frozen snow beneath my feet and see the frost of my breath as I hiked up the trail, my bright flashlight illuminating the path. The giant balancing rock loomed before me and I was in awe. The crispness of …


It was really an adventure getting to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. My buddy James Brandon and I were traveling around taking photos and enjoying all the beautiful landscapes. This was our last stop until we were homeward bound. We had already been to White Sands, New Mexico and Arches National Park in Utah. The RV had a tire …


It was perhaps the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. Lush vegetation and fresh air was in full force. We had just finished taking a boat tour of Milford Sound. On the walk back to the car, I stopped along the path where the trees cleared a little and took this photo.


Don’t you just love blue hour? I think it may be my favorite time for photography. If you prepared right, you brought a flashlight, some water and a Clif bar for the walk back to your car. It’s not a bad idea to keep peeking back over your shoulder to see if more compositions present themselves.