I really love how the opportunities present themselves at Burning Man. This day I was riding along by myself on my bike. I’m on the hunt for shiny things or flowing fabric. I’m also looking for models who are out dressed up and posing. I came across Alex as she was having her photo taken by her boyfriend with his phone. I asked if I could get in on the action and they happily obliged. I spent about 10 minutes getting different poses and lighting angles. She was totally rocking it and we got many great photos out of the session.

Alexcazandria Marie


Alex and her mom came by a few weeks ago to help me test out my new V-flat that I set up in my studio. Everything worked like a champ, from Cher doing her makeup to how amazing the lighting looked as we shot. Alex had never had her photo taken by a professional outside of school, so she started off super shy. I turned on a little music and got her to laugh a few times. By the end she was really rocking in and making some nice poses. I covered the V-flat in a grey felt so it was really easy to add texture in Photoshop. Of course I used one from my Textures of Venice pack which you can get on the link in the header.

As you can see, my website is undergoing a major upgrade. Thanks for your patience as I get everything in place. If you are a web guru and would like to offer some help with your expertise, I certainly wouldn’t refuse.


Hi guys! I’m really excited to announce that my ‘Textures of Venice’ and tutorial package is complete and has been released. There are 5 different options to choose from. Two ‘Textures of Burano’ packages, two ‘Textures of Venice’ packages, and one ‘Ultimo Pacchetto’ package. Each of ‘Burano’ contains 18 textures and a unique video. Each of ‘Venice’ contains 30 textures and a unique video. The ‘Ultimo Pacchetto’ contains 120 amazing textures, the 4 tutorial videos from the other packages, as well as a bonus video.

While traversing the labyrinth that is Venice, Italy, I set out to capture as many diverse and interesting textures as I could. I feel like when you add a texture to a photo that you took from the same location, it adds an extra level of feeling of that place.

It was my first time to really experience the ‘Old World’ and I really loved it. It was extremely cool to come across flaking plaster that was five layers, and possibly hundreds of years, deep… with different colors peeking through.

The Island of Burano was one of my favorite experiences on the trip. Each house is painted in different vivid colors. Some of the combinations of color and pattern are like I had never seen before. The reflection of these colorful houses in the canals were amazing. When I go back I’ll be spending a night there for sure. My time was spent there during midday, so being there for both blue hours while the lights are on would be the best.

All these photos I’ve posted are using textures from the package. In each video I walk you through at least one photo from start to finish. I show how I use the textures to get the desired effects and change the feeling of each photo.

I’ve really put my heart into this package and think it will serve as a great resource for professionals and amateurs alike. This is my first foray into something like this, so fingers crossed it goes well!


What’s up everybody? Have you missed me? I know you have. 😉 My email has absolutely been blowing up asking when I was going to post again. Well, that day has come, my friends. You may have seen this one before on other outlets, but I’ve never put it here on my blog. I just love the interactive metal sculptures that are created for Burning Man. This one is called Star Seed by Kate Raudenbush.

from BM: Rising 40 feet from the desert dust, and made from both organic and galactic forms, the passer-by may pause and reflect upon the scene: is it a giant seed growing up into space, or is it a spaceship landing and putting down roots on Earth? Three sets of curvilinear tree roots loop their way down and offer a pathway of ascent into an astral bower of light, inviting connection around a galactic seed pod in the sky.
“Star Seed” occupies that space where our earth-bound bodies root in the dust, gather together, and rise to meet our higher selves.

I resonate a lot with these words.

I really love this photo. There is so much going on, yet the details remain in tact. One of my favorite parts is the guy with the flashlight. It’s so cool how the beam cuts through the night.

Fertility 2.0


This is one of my favorite shots from Burning Man 2013. It was the year that Trey Ratcliff and I brought our families and were next door neighbors in Kidsville. Late one night we dressed my son Seth in this crazy alien costume that I had prepared. Needless to say, many burners were extremely tripped out by his appearance. Or maybe it was the drugs. He got many responses, from fear to being hugged and loved on, but everyone wanted photos. I took this one outside of the Man Base which was shaped like a giant UFO.

Hello, hello? It’s sometimes kind of weird writing these posts not knowing if anyone is reading them. I know my wife or kid doesn’t read it. Nor do my parents or best friends. I guess I think of it as an online diary of sorts. I’m not going to confess any deep dark secrets, but I suppose it is a place I can get some thoughts on ‘paper’. I have a lot of unconventional beliefs that stray away from the norm. Maybe sharing some of those will spark some type of conversation here. Here, I’ll start with this one: Our children our not our own. Parents are simply vehicles for souls to be brought (back) into these human ‘suits’ to have an(other) earth experience. Do you agree, or no?


Here’s another photo from this year’s Burning Man. I’m presenting this art not how it appeared on playa. Originally, it was surrounded with a fence of sorts that had cranks to make the mechanical squid move it’s tentacles. It was a pretty time consuming undertaking, but I’m happy with the results. I removed tiny sections at a time in order to keep the realism. The hardest part was recreating the sculpture parts that were hidden.

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks. This weekend Cher and I did a family photo shoot for some friends of ours. It was really a lot of fun. I have been really reluctant to include families in my photo package offerings, but I may change that note soon. I’ve had several people inquire about it so it might be something to consider as an extra revenue stream.

Thanksgiving is this week in the United States. I really don’t know how I feel about all these holidays anymore. White man (which I am) took this land from the Indians. Then they tried to wipe them out (and did a pretty good job of it) violently and wrongly. I am thankful for what I have, but I’m not proud of how we came about having it.


It was a crazy weekend on this existence we call Mother Earth; Paris terrorist attacks, Beirut suicide bombings, a Hurricane in Mexico, earthquake in Japan. I feel like posting a photo is the least significant thing I can do, but I really don’t know what else to do. I took a little camping trip this weekend with my buddy Casey, so I wasn’t connected the entire time, which is probably a good thing. I feel like I suffered real PDST from 911 a few years ago. Not like a soldier would or anything, but it was still a traumatic experience for me. I was never an anxious person until then. I’ve since learned how to deal with the anxiety, but I felt some of those familiar feelings creeping back in with all this madness going on in the past few days. I make a conscious effort to NOT watch the news or read the paper and that helps.

While ignoring CNN, I was getting super freaky on processing some photos the past few days. Normally, this one might not make the cut on it’s own, but with some extreme experimentation, I think it came out pretty interesting so I’ll share.

Ello is getting no more color photos from me. From the very beginning I thought the color of the photos I uploaded was off. This really turned me off from posting there for a while. In fact I had an entire post written about how I was about to thrown in the towel on the entire site. I don’t have much of an audience there, so I thought it wouldn’t be much of a loss. Then I started looking at what was getting the attention and noticed it was really about modern art. I’m a fan of all kinds of art, and am willing to try new things. So I’ve been making some photos specifically for Ello… much edgier, much weirder and all black and white. I’m excited about it now, and look forward to how that gallery will differ from my others as it grows.


This year’s burn was absolutely incredible. I took thousands of pictures and I’m having a blast really getting into them. This is one of my favorites so far. I was caught in a late night white out that came out of nowhere. I loved it. I would ride blindly into the abyss until arriving upon an incredible work of art. There were no distractions and I was so in the moment photographing the art. Suddenly this guy appeared from the dust, ripping it back and forth on his board… looking so fucking radical, I had to pose him up for this photo. The dude’s name was Steve Axe. Unforgettable.