DECEMBER 5, 2017

OMG…Two blog posts in two days? The world really has gone mad! Today’s photo is of this really cool lady I met a couple of times out on the playa. She was so giggly and really excited to have her photo taken. In fact, this is one of my favorites from the whole year! Her outfit was amazing and she really knew what she was doing when it comes to modeling.

Have you seen the Pinterest board of my Burning Man Gallery? I crop them to be a unique vertical size, but you can click through to see the full image.

It’s actually starting to cool off here in North Texas. Yesterday was a record setting 85 degrees, and I was sweating in shorts…in November.

Veil of Chains


DECEMBER 4, 2017
It was such an unusual Burning Man this year. The heat was almost unbearable. There was the eclipse and something else going on with the sun that was affecting my heart. I was suffering sudden panic attacks badly while making the drive and would get some pretty intense palpitations. It was strangely comforting to hear that others were being affected in similar ways as well. After the event, these sensations just kind of faded away. This was the first temple burn in 7 years that I did not cry and I’m not really sure why. I still have questions.

Dragon Fire Temple Moon


The more you get out and take portraits, the more comfortable and confident you will become. It’s like anything that you practice at, I suppose. It’s one of the cool things about being a human! I love the looks of the people at Burning Man. They seem to always be in their ‘best self’ mode. Along with these great attitudes and the incredible light that happens on the playa, it is literally a photographers paradise. Also by staying in a hyper-aware photo-taking mode, subjects seem to magically make themselves known as you explore this parallel universe that exists for a week every year. You think this photo is amazing? There is so much more. Simply click through on the photo to view my entire gallery!

Beauty at Embrace


NOVEMBER 8, 2017
Aphex Camp is one of the sound camps located on the edge of the city. They face the speakers out away from the city as to not blast the residents of Black Rock City with too much bass. People actually have to sleep at some point. I like to visit and photograph these sound camps while I’m out shooting the art at night. It’s a nice break from the strange muffled sound that you hear in deep playa. There’s usually someone with crazy led’s or a hula hoop that will make for great light painting, but a tripod is definitely necessary.

Aphex Camp


Here we go again… time to get back on the ol’ bloggin’ horse.
This is one of my favorite images that I’ve never shared on the blog. Apogaea, the Colorado Burning Man regional was super cool. After Bob and I finally got our space settled, we were able to enjoy the atmosphere and amazing art. The place definitely had the burner feel with amazing art, people in crazy outfits, great music and everyone having too much fun. This huge flaming owl was probably my favorite sculpture out there.


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I really love how the opportunities present themselves at Burning Man. This day I was riding along by myself on my bike. I’m on the hunt for shiny things or flowing fabric. I’m also looking for models who are out dressed up and posing. I came across Alex as she was having her photo taken by her boyfriend with his phone. I asked if I could get in on the action and they happily obliged. I spent about 10 minutes getting different poses and lighting angles. She was totally rocking it and we got many great photos out of the session.

Alexcazandria Marie


Alex and her mom came by a few weeks ago to help me test out my new V-flat that I set up in my studio. Everything worked like a champ, from Cher doing her makeup to how amazing the lighting looked as we shot. Alex had never had her photo taken by a professional outside of school, so she started off super shy. I turned on a little music and got her to laugh a few times. By the end she was really rocking in and making some nice poses. I covered the V-flat in a grey felt so it was really easy to add texture in Photoshop. Of course I used one from my Textures of Venice pack which you can get on the link in the header.

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