December 15, 2017
All I can think about when I look back on the 2017 burn is the intense heat that we experienced that week. For some reason I brought a little digital thermometer with me and got it out during setup. At first I put it in the kitchen shade. The highest it got was 108° degrees f. 1-0-8. Holy crap! So just as a little experiment I placed it in the direct sun. It got up to 132°. Insane. Miserable.
I could barely maintain myself, could you imagine having to maintain an art car like the Icarus? They seemed to be having a few problems when I rode up. A few of the main lights were not working and the crew seemed pretty frazzled… but not in a bad way. Clearly they were still having a good time and maintaining positive spirits. A few were chatting and laughing with people as they rode up. I’m sure they got all systems back to going in short order. Can you believe this vehicle is also a scissor lift that goes 20 feet up into the air? Radical Madness!!!

Prepping the Icarus

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