Alex and her mom came by a few weeks ago to help me test out my new V-flat that I set up in my studio. Everything worked like a champ, from Cher doing her makeup to how amazing the lighting looked as we shot. Alex had never had her photo taken by a professional outside of school, so she started off super shy. I turned on a little music and got her to laugh a few times. By the end she was really rocking in and making some nice poses. I covered the V-flat in a grey felt so it was really easy to add texture in Photoshop. Of course I used one from my Textures of Venice pack which you can get on the link in the header.

As you can see, my website is undergoing a major upgrade. Thanks for your patience as I get everything in place. If you are a web guru and would like to offer some help with your expertise, I certainly wouldn’t refuse.

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