Hi guys! I’m really excited to announce that my ‘Textures of Venice’ and tutorial package is complete and has been released. There are 5 different options to choose from. Two ‘Textures of Burano’ packages, two ‘Textures of Venice’ packages, and one ‘Ultimo Pacchetto’ package. Each of ‘Burano’ contains 18 textures and a unique video. Each of ‘Venice’ contains 30 textures and a unique video. The ‘Ultimo Pacchetto’ contains 120 amazing textures, the 4 tutorial videos from the other packages, as well as a bonus video.

While traversing the labyrinth that is Venice, Italy, I set out to capture as many diverse and interesting textures as I could. I feel like when you add a texture to a photo that you took from the same location, it adds an extra level of feeling of that place.

It was my first time to really experience the ‘Old World’ and I really loved it. It was extremely cool to come across flaking plaster that was five layers, and possibly hundreds of years, deep… with different colors peeking through.

The Island of Burano was one of my favorite experiences on the trip. Each house is painted in different vivid colors. Some of the combinations of color and pattern are like I had never seen before. The reflection of these colorful houses in the canals were amazing. When I go back I’ll be spending a night there for sure. My time was spent there during midday, so being there for both blue hours while the lights are on would be the best.

All these photos I’ve posted are using textures from the package. In each video I walk you through at least one photo from start to finish. I show how I use the textures to get the desired effects and change the feeling of each photo.

I’ve really put my heart into this package and think it will serve as a great resource for professionals and amateurs alike. This is my first foray into something like this, so fingers crossed it goes well!

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