What’s up everybody? Have you missed me? I know you have. 😉 My email has absolutely been blowing up asking when I was going to post again. Well, that day has come, my friends. You may have seen this one before on other outlets, but I’ve never put it here on my blog. I just love the interactive metal sculptures that are created for Burning Man. This one is called Star Seed by Kate Raudenbush.

from BM: Rising 40 feet from the desert dust, and made from both organic and galactic forms, the passer-by may pause and reflect upon the scene: is it a giant seed growing up into space, or is it a spaceship landing and putting down roots on Earth? Three sets of curvilinear tree roots loop their way down and offer a pathway of ascent into an astral bower of light, inviting connection around a galactic seed pod in the sky.
“Star Seed” occupies that space where our earth-bound bodies root in the dust, gather together, and rise to meet our higher selves.

I resonate a lot with these words.

I really love this photo. There is so much going on, yet the details remain in tact. One of my favorite parts is the guy with the flashlight. It’s so cool how the beam cuts through the night.

Fertility 2.0

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