It was a crazy weekend on this existence we call Mother Earth; Paris terrorist attacks, Beirut suicide bombings, a Hurricane in Mexico, earthquake in Japan. I feel like posting a photo is the least significant thing I can do, but I really don’t know what else to do. I took a little camping trip this weekend with my buddy Casey, so I wasn’t connected the entire time, which is probably a good thing. I feel like I suffered real PDST from 911 a few years ago. Not like a soldier would or anything, but it was still a traumatic experience for me. I was never an anxious person until then. I’ve since learned how to deal with the anxiety, but I felt some of those familiar feelings creeping back in with all this madness going on in the past few days. I make a conscious effort to NOT watch the news or read the paper and that helps.

While ignoring CNN, I was getting super freaky on processing some photos the past few days. Normally, this one might not make the cut on it’s own, but with some extreme experimentation, I think it came out pretty interesting so I’ll share.

Ello is getting no more color photos from me. From the very beginning I thought the color of the photos I uploaded was off. This really turned me off from posting there for a while. In fact I had an entire post written about how I was about to thrown in the towel on the entire site. I don’t have much of an audience there, so I thought it wouldn’t be much of a loss. Then I started looking at what was getting the attention and noticed it was really about modern art. I’m a fan of all kinds of art, and am willing to try new things. So I’ve been making some photos specifically for Ello… much edgier, much weirder and all black and white. I’m excited about it now, and look forward to how that gallery will differ from my others as it grows.

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