For a while I’ve been wondering why I spend so much energy and money for one week in the desert. I mean, sure, it’s awesome, but what is my main reason for going? Of all the great things there; the people, the energy, the music, the costumes, the art cars. I would say my very favorite thing is the art. I also love how temporary everything is. The first few years I would take for granted that my favorite piece would be there all week. Hell, you don’t know if it will still be around a minute from now, much less tomorrow.

One of my favorite things to do is enjoy art in the default world, why not let it be #1 at BRC as well? I’m really drawn to pieces that use sacred geometry in it’s design. I’m a big fan. In fact I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to sacred geometry here. So when I came across this piece, I was really blown away. I love the fact that they are using technology in the construction of these things. It’s the evolution of art. The fine filagree made for the most unique shadow and I like how the clouds above mirror the feel.

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