This is Marco Cochrane’s third and final installation of his Bliss project called R-Evoution. It continues the theme of a woman expressing her humanity. I’m always amazed at the engineering that goes into these projects. This one is 48 feet tall and actually breathes!

My campmates Edin and Jaci are in this photo. They had a really interesting week, but it all come together in the end for some good times and photo opportunities. They are both really passionate photographers out of Miami. Edin runs a great blog called ShutYourAperture that’s full of photo tips and inspiration. You never really know what is going to happen at Burning Man, but it’s usually pretty intense. They say not to bring anything to the playa that you aren’t prepared to lose… including relationships.

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  1. Beautiful photo!! I am helping the Bliss crew document her journey to Washington DC later this month. May I use and credit some of your photos in the videos I will be making?

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