I use my blog as kind of a digital diary. I like to look back and remember key dates or events with it. Today the blog belongs to Forrest. She was the canine companion of my parents. She was the sweetest little dog with a huge heart. She re-emerged into pure positive energy as she made her transformation into non-physical this morning. I’m sure my parents and all that knew her will miss her funny sideways run and her soft tongue always looking to give kisses or snuggles. She may have been little, but she was not yappy. She’d only bark when she meant it.

Our pets do so much to fulfill our lives. They give us comfort and cuddles. They are happy to see us when no one else seems to care. They sense and protect us from danger. The keep our feet warm on cold winter nights. They make us laugh.

I’ve always been fond of the Rainbow Bridge poem. I’d like to think that all our pets are waiting for us on the other side… there to lick our faces when we inevitably go there ourselves. Their little lives are too short. Take lots of photos. Our lives are too short. Take lots of photos.

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