One of the coolest things at the New York International Auto Show was the amount of electric cars that were there. I’ve been a big fan of electric ever since I switched over to lipo batteries from nitro in my r/c cars. I know the kind of power electric can produce. In fact, the r/c industry has just about completely switched from fuel to electric in the last 10 years. Electric is so much cleaner and better for the environment. It doesn’t put off any nasty fumes.

I’m all about alternative energy sources. At the EG Conference, a scientist named Amory Lovins had a very encouraging presentation on getting off of oil and nuclear and on to alternative, cleaner sources such as wind and solar. It was really neat to run my little swamp cooler last year at Burning Man. I used solar to power the water pump and rechargable lipo batteries to power the fan. It worked like a champ and kept my tent about 20 degrees cooler. So keep looking for ways to power things up. It’s the wave of the future.

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