This is one of those epic shots I was hoping for on this trip. The sun had gone down and the few people that remained were starting to gather their things and head back to their cars. I had come down here earlier in the day to check out the situation and prepare for the things I would need for this shot.

I brought my camera and tripod, as well as three 5′ pieces of PVC and a lightweight aluminum step-ladder. I use the PVC as a tripod extender so it’s about 10 feet in the air. I I use live view on the back of my camera to frame the shot and then extend it a little higher. I then grabbed the external shutter release and fired off 7 brackets… from +3 to -3 ev.

I knew I needed to get high in the air to capture more of the bend… and there’s no way I’m perching my self on the edge of that sandstone ledge. I have to remind myself all the time, “no shot is worth dying for.” I also brought water, snacks and a flashlight, because it was pitch black when I left.

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  1. Awesome shot. Nice out of the box thinking on the PVC extension.

    Love the tag “Epic”

    Your photography makes me want to quit my job and hang out with you all the time.

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