This is another one from beautiful Yosemite in California. I took this on the way up to a scenic overlook. Originally I had meant to just pass through Yosemite, but with all the perfect landscapes laid out before me, I couldn’t help but stop at several locations like this one.

I parked the car and got out my tripod and Nikon D700. I also use an external shutter release that I use to help eliminate any camera shake. I squished through the tundra and got right next to this fallen tree. I kept the tripod nice and low and arranged the composition. I then fired off 5 bracketed shots at 1 Exposure Value increments, so I wound up with the base shot, 2 shots over exposed and 2 shots under exposed at different levels. This way I’m guaranteed to capture the full range of light that was there on the scene.

When I got home and ready to process this one. I opened up Bridge and dragged them straight onto the Photomatix icon in my toolbar. I played with the sliders in Photomatix until I achieved the desired result and hit process. Then the image opens up in Photoshop. I adjusted the contrast and colors a little, then decided on a square crop since the left side was kind of boring. After a little dodging and burning, I thought the image could use a some texture since it was still lacking in interest in my opinion. I pulled up a texture from the ones I’ve been collecting and set it to “overlay” with some transparency.

Here’s the texture if you want to try it on your photos!

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